I’ve been working for over 17 years in the functional medicine field as a Naturopath and Functional Medicine Practitioner at integrative medical clinics and pathology companies.

Over the years I have extensively used functional pathology testing in practice to assist my patients get better outcomes from more focused and directed treatment.

I am also the Clinical Support Consultant at NutriPATH Functional Pathology Services and the Practitioner Consultant for SmartDNA Genomic Testing training practitioners and helping patients learn more about how they can get great health results from knowing more about how these tests can help them.

If you want to offer your patients a more personalised treatment and would like to discover how you could use functional pathology testing in your practice contact me at

I am available to talk to you by way of group mentoring for health practitioners.
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Did you know I also provide online training for functional pathology testing?

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Have I mentioned I love to talk?  Just as well I’m available for speaking engagements!
I really enjoy speaking at industry events and on industry podcasts about functional pathology and business building training.
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